It’s the emptiness that follows you down
It’s the ache inside when it all burns out
It’s poisonous it muscles it aches
It’s everything you had when it breaks
It’s the emptiness that’s all you have left
Too terrified of you frozen breath
It’s a bitter mouth it’s buttered and knived
It’s the awful truth you fight for your life
Hole “Use Once & Destroy” (via tipsywench)

I really miss cheering for football games, i miss wearing my uniform and cheering with my girls. I miss when we would get a touchdown and we would sprint down to the end of the field yelling. I miss running back to our spots on the sideline a doing push-ups in the dirt and mud. I miss my Pom-poms and my megaphone. I miss doing those stupid dances when the band played. I miss the long bus rides to away games. I miss the cheers. I miss my coaches yelling like a mad women. I miss stunting and tumbling. awh fuck I just miss it.